Over the last two decades, Scandinavia has been an undisputed champion of sustainability, which it embedded in its policy and passed onto its energy companies and consumers, and over the years led to development of some of the most progressive approaches to energy conservation.

The programme will address the latest in Scandinavian smart energy developments all way from the transmissions issues into the home. On the network side the agenda will focus on the latest in large scale wind integration and intermittency issues, decentralised and co-generation, load balancing and increased efficiency.

On the consumer side, we will cover the results smart metering rollouts have yielded so far, and new consumer engagement schemes, such as dynamic pricing, time of use tariffs, and the latest in demand response.

Finally, we will showcase the best of Scandinavia’s smart grid developments, where cutting-edge technologies, top industry expertise and environmental imperatives have come together to create some of the most integrated and sustainable projects globally.

For more information about the programme and/or speaking opportunities for next year, please contact Elisabeth Brusse at or call +31 346 590 901.