Programme at a glance


Programme at a glance

Each track comprised a number of individual presentations and group panel discussions based on the latest projects, technological innovation, new policy and market direction. Only the most renowned Scandinavian and a selected number of international experts were invited to present.


Day One

Market design and policy:
economic, environmental and
societal perspectives

Demand side management:
consumer engagement, smart metering
and new value added services
Renewable integration:
intermittency, interconnections
and power quality
Day Two

Advanced communications and
network technologies

Realising smart energy:

Electric vehicles, energy storage and new
approaches to energy efficiency

Vertically integrated smart grid
and city projects












Listed below are some of the leading Scandinavian smart projects that will be showcased at the event:

  • EcoGridEU
  • Edison EVs
  • Smart Grid Gotland
  • Stockholm Royal Seaport Smart City
  • Flex power – market design project
  • SEAS-NVE Smart grid project
  • Fortum Smart grid projects
  • eflex - consumer engagement project
  • Steinkjer Pilot Project
  • VVP PowerHub
  • SGEM Smart Grid and Energy Markets
  • and a few most comprehensive smart projects from other European regions